What/Who Motivates You To Keep Coming Back?

The community is so important for me. I like that there is someone to compete with every time I walk in, but after class its nothing but positive support. - Kimo Thorpe Seeing results not only in my appearance, but in the way I feel has been a huge motivation to keep me coming back. This is the longest I have ever stuck to a program and I am addicted to it!! The coaches encouraging words and the way they push me to do more than I think I can also play a huge role in my motivation by giving me confidence and making me want to push myself "just a little bit more." - Ashley Heid I'm seeing changes to my body and it's exciting to see! I want to be an example to my daughter, and I'm having a lot of fun at the box - makes me keep coming back for more! - Olga Handal What keeps me coming back is the changes I have already seen in myself in the short time I have be coming and the great coaches and people that are there for the same reasons I am. - Michael Crane