Saturday 30th, 2014

Main – CrossFit


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 sets
1min row for calories
1min push ups
1min double unders
1min DB push press
1min shuttle runs – 40m distance between cones (down and back is one rep)

rest 2min actively between sets

Friday 29th, 2014

Main – CrossFit

a: Front Squat (3 tough reps)

3 tough reps every 90sec for 8 sets. NO MISSES.

b: Weighted Walking Lunges (8-12/leg)

Rest 120 between sets at 3-4 sets

c: Tabata Sit Ups (10 sets)

Score total reps.

Thursday 28th, 2014

Main – CrossFit

Please remember to get your Wodify account up to date and start signing up for classes prior to the class start time. When you get to the box the first thing you should do is check in on the computer.


400m run
10 air squats
20 forward lunge steps
10 squat jumps
10 med ball twist toss both directions
10 med ball kettle bell style forward toss
10 med ball slams


Metcon (Time)

500m row
30 KB Swings
30 jumping Pull Ups
20 KB swings
20 jumping pull-ups
15 KB swings
15 jumping pull-ups
10 KB swings
10 jumping pull-ups
500m row

Wednesday 27th, 2014

Main – CrossFit


5 total sets (scale accordingly)

90sec rest between a1 – a2
90sec rest bewtwen sets

Beginners – Ring Rows
Intermediate – Strict Pull-Ups
Advanced – Weighted Pull-Ups

a1 : Ring Rows (amrap)

a1: Strict Pull-Ups (amrap)

a1: Weighted Pull-Ups (4-6)

a2: Turkish Get Up (3 Heavy Per arm)


Man Makers (30)

Not for time. Break up and finish at your own pace.